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Our exclusive Titanium finish, with its 50-year limited warranty, is the ultimate protection against wear and impact to safeguard the beauty of your Lauzon floors for years to come. It has an unmatched clarity, without the milky effect often found in other finishes, and resists better to the yellowing caused by light. It contains no added VOC, formaldehyde or solvents, and its antimicrobial protection works to minimize damaging microbial growth on the surface of the floor, ensuring it remains cleaner up to 99,6%.



Our award-winning technology, when added to our TITANIUM finish, transforms your floor into an active air purifier surface so you can breathe cleaner indoor air.

The PURE GENIUS air-purifying agents, embedded on the surface of the TITANIUM finish, are activated by natural or artificial light and decompose the molecules of air-borne contaminants (COV, formaldehydes, stubborn odors, etc.) when they come in contact with the floor into harmless water and carbon dioxide ones. Depending on indoor conditions such as air flow and contaminations, PURE GENIUS can purify up to 85% of the air in a room.

See how it works

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See its proof of efficiency

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Lauzon floors are renowned for the finesse of their 4-edge micro-v and their high precision milling which provides a tight and perfect fit when installed. These high-performance floors are cut, milled, and finished by expert craftsmen with an extreme attention to detail. The final assembly is always perfect in look, uniformity of material, fit, strength and stability.

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We know that your home is more than an investment, and it is a privilege to contribute to the comfort and beauty of your living space. We are committed to surpass your expectations, by providing detailed information for a perfect installation of your floors.

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